DSA Spark

It’s Lit.

Two communist DSA caucuses, Refoundation and Spark, are happy to announce we are unifying into a single caucus under the Refoundation banner.

Refoundation will benefit from the sharp insight and strategic seriousness that our Spark comrades will bring, and we could not be more proud to have them join and improve our already significant and expanding project.

Spark in its turn hopes to add a commitment to internal reform to an already robust Refoundation platform, with emphasis on a term-limited and recallable DSA leadership.

We come from different historical and ideological backgrounds, with Spark being informed by the early Kautsky and Mike Macnair. But an honest look at the existing world has led us to converge on practical conclusions. We don’t need to agree on the precise nature of the USSR, for instance, to see that the Democrats are not a viable path to socialism. Theoretical disagreement is fine, and even healthy, if we are fighting for the same programmatic goals.

Together we aim to unite DSA’s left wing with a vivid vision of revolutionary socialism. Like DSA itself we are built on a merger, because we are stronger together.

We hope you will join us.