Political Education

Mike Macnair’s Revolutionary Strategy

The free market triumphalism of the 1990s is over. Early 21st century capitalism looks like Karl Marx’s description: growing extremes of wealth and poverty, and irrepressible boom-bust cycles. But for the moment, rightwing religious and nationalist nostalgia politics is the main beneficiary of the opposition this has spawned. The political left remains in the shadow of its disastrous failures in the 20th century.

The centre-left - where it has not joined forces with the neoliberal right - clings to nationalist and bureaucratic-statist nostalgia for the social-democratic Cold War era. The far left clings to the coat-tails of the centre-left. It cannot unite itself - let alone anyone else - because it is unwilling to reinterrogate the ideas of the early Communist International, especially on the ‘revolutionary party’.

To move beyond this impasse we need to re-examine critically the strategic ideas of socialists since Marx and Engels’ time. This book begins the task.


Hal Draper’s Anatomy of the Micro-Sect

A short piece on sectarianism and the way to rebuild a socialist movement in America.

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Nikolai Bukharin’s Program for the World Revolution

One of the chief theorists of the Bolsheviks, Nikolai Bukharin lays out some of the practical steps needed to ensure working class political rule in Russia and why Communists broke with the Social Democrats.

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Articles by Mike Macnair

Articles from the Weekly Worker, the periodical from the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Taking Sides

Do socialists need to choose a side in capitalist wars and other disputes?

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Rethinking the Alternative

Should the workers’ movement have a final goal? An arguement for the maximum program.

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